Current Work

I’m developing my brainchild game and taking on  all the concept art, in-game assets and coding . I’m creating it in Unity and C#


Eros 433 is a Near Earth Object that could crash the world Metal Markets with a single payload recovery mission. It has more Platinum and gold in solid form than humanity has ever mined or Produced.  The player takes the form of an asteroid mining vessel and earns precious minerals to spend on ship upgrades to advance further than anyone has before.



Eros is a sidescrolling asteroid mining endless runner. Each ship has a specific mining radius attached to it, if you fly past an asteroid and it comes in contact with your mining radius, you earn minerals. Unlike every other endless runner game out there, where the object is to avoid the obstacles as much as possible, Eros allows players to live on the edge of destruction and fly closer to the asteroids. This also brings the dynamic of greed into the mix, it may be possible to fly on by at a safe distance, but you won’t be able to purchase the shiny new upgrades for your ship. This will allow for players of all skill levels to enjoy the basic idea of the game. Make it as far as you can without crashing.

Collecting mineral



Player is in the zone at all times, always navigating their ship through the best possible route while always on the lookout for precious minerals. The art style is light and cheerful, keeping the player inspired and feeling as if they are in control of the situation. Outer space won’t feel lonely, dark and scary, but rather a new exciting frontier of exploration with a feeling of a galactic gold rush.



Controls will be much like the infamous worm game/sf cave style of clicking or tapping the screen for a boost in the player’s altitude.


When a ship’s mining radius collides with an asteroid containing minerals, an animation goes off and minerals are added to the player’s ingame mineral bank. The player’s total score is however determined by the distance in which they have flown through the asteroid field.


Flying into a mechanic shop’s hangar will open a shop menu where you can purchase upgrades and repair your ship. These are used as rest stops for the player, to keep them engaged and allowing them time to blink.


Style Attributes

The main colors used will be a Primary Blue leaning on the teal side of the spectrum and a complimentary orange as a secondary color. Hyperspace will make the shift to a purple/red scheme.

Illustration style will be a light hearted, adventurous space style. Glowing edges and bright colors will be used to keep the mood light and full of wonderment.

Interactable objects will either sparkle, or have an arrow pointing to them to indicate the player won’t suffer from flying into it.