Silhouette Thumbnails

Today was pretty slow, a lot of repetitive website bullshit. I wonder if I’ll ever figure it all out enough to really detach myself and just work on art and not have to worry about getting people in front of it. I suppose that goes for any profession though; all the electricians in the world want an audience of some sort, at least in the sense that they will be seen by the proper people. That “actress” that moved to LA waiting to be seen at the right audition, news stations, street performers, green peace marketers, and the like. Everyone just seems to be looking for that support network and attention. With my daily traffic on here being around 75% new visitors, and 25% returning, I can see that I too have a constantly changing audience.

A new set of people entering the movie theater, some came back to watch it with a friend, others because they enjoyed it so much the first time they wanted to relive it all again, others only come back to poke holes in the plot. Truth be told I never really think there is a plot. Just sort of moving from project to project and seeing what sticks.

Today though, I made some space ship silhouette thumbnails in hopes to continue developing my brainchild