The more I get accomplished, the more my mental stresses disappear, only to be replaced with those of a physical nature. Nobody tells you that if you are on your feet all day with less than perfect posture, it’s gonna take a toll on you. I suppose that should go without saying, but it’s never really something I’ve taken note of before. Don’t lock your knees, that’s the trick! Yet I never look down while standing to see unlocked knees. Bad arches cause locked knees, a twisted back, and a sore neck as well. So I guess the moral of this tangent is to do some foot arch exercises and work on your posture. Otherwise you might feel tired and sore after a long day. Not too sure where I was going with this, but I felt the painting needed some sort of text to go along with it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.20.38 PM


“Tired Eyes”

Acrylic on Board[Size of a small Microwave]